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Shenzhen All Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "All Intelligent Technology" or ai-tech) was founded on August 18, 2016 with a registered capital of 10 million yuan in 2013. It is located in building A6, meiying (phoenix) zhihui innovation park, no.7, xingye third road, fenghuang community, fuyong street, baoan district, Shenzhen. Ai-tech is a national high-tech enterprise mainly engaged in research, development, production and sales of artificial intelligence technology services, software, hardware platforms and intelligent products. Products can be widely used in education, military, medical, business, transportation, elderly care and smart home and other fields.

What can we do

We are committed to building an international national brand in the field of artificial intelligence, to the enterprise sustained and stable profits, to independent research and development, independent innovation as the continuous goal

  • Intelligent software development
  • Intelligent hardware development
  • Artificial intelligence technology services


A good application needs a good team



3D animation designer



Android senior application engineer


Michale Yang

Java backend engineer



DB senior database engineer



Tailored 3D printing models for enterprises

Ai intelligent language library

Provide Ai voice database for enterprises

Escort robot

Exclusive to your soul mate

Welcome robot

The best choice for business greeting.


Hardware conctrol SDK

Voice database SDK

Sound test demo app

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Ai chat App

Network connection assistant


small SRT assistant

small SRT assistant


101, building A6,zhihui innovation park,meiying (phoenix),no.7,xingye third road,fenghuang community,fuyong street,baoan district,shenzhen


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